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buy canada goose jacket The new hub, on the edge of Manchester city centre, had been launched to fanfare at the start of November in a push to provide enough beds for every rough sleeper in the region between then and March.It closed on Christmas Eve when faults were found with the electrics, however, and has not opened since.Manchester council which commissioned the shelter, run by housing organisation Riverside has now confirmed it will stay shut permanently, with sources suggesting it would have cost thousands of pounds to put the electrics right.(Image: Manchester Evening News)The town hall has refused to disclose how much has been spent on the shelter so far or exactly how much it would have cost to fix, claiming it is still working on the figures, but says it is looking for alternative buildings.A spokesman said the final cost would be split with Andy Burnham’s office.Read more of canada goose outlet netherlands today’s top stories It remains unclear why the shelter was able to open with basic structural problems.The centre had launched to fanfare at the start of November, with TV crews and newspapers invited along two days earlier to see a newly refurbished building on the fringes of Ardwick.’It will save lives’: Inside Manchester’s first 24 hour homeless shelterIntended as a round the clock hub that would allow homeless people to access advice and support as well as food and a bed, it accounted for 20 of the mayor’s new bed spaces.However it closed on a number of occasions the following month, including on Christmas Eve due to an ‘intermittent electrical fault’. It has not Canada Goose Parka been open since.Andy Burnham pledged ‘A Bed Every Night’ for the homeless but this shelter ended up shut throughout ChristmasSeveral charity workers suggested it had opened too quickly, before basic structural issues had been ironed out.It comes as disquiet grows among the charity sector over how the ‘bed every night’ scheme is being run in Manchester more generally.”Obviously there has to be a process, but homeless people aren’t canada goose outlet toronto store necessarily going to stand and queue up and fill out forms several times. They just want a bed,” they said.. buy canada goose jacket

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