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Hermes Handbags He was killed in a police raid in Saint Denis last week, after taking the lives of 130 people in the Paris attacks.The Paris public prosecutor, Francois Molins, on Tuesday revealed phone records that, according to France Info, proved Abaaoud was at the scene of the Bataclan concert venue where 90 people were killed amid a rescue operation.According to Molins, it was the police raid at Saint Denis, where the terrorist, his cousin and another militant were holed up, that put a stop to the plans.The issue of the Belgian blunder with the terrorist list touches on a wider issue.An already divided Belgium, which recently went without a functioning government for over 540 days, now faces the blame for becoming a European terrorist hub, or a base of Islamic barbarity rhetoric Flemish nationalists have used in the past to allude to the allegedly lax attitude of the French speaking Socialist Party toward the Muslim minority.She did admit that fundamentalism had grown in the area unattended in the years from 1970 to 1980. Europe, the issue is also clear: no state of emergency declaration in another EU member country, such as France, would do any good in stopping potential terrorists based in Belgium from moving about the continent freely, former French intelligence officer Alain Rodier told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze in her SophieCo program.Furthermore, the security apparatus in Belgium is only as vast as the country itself. According to Rodier, while the problem of European terrorism belongs to the continent as a whole, Belgium can do little to contain the threat forming at home on its own.think that it is necessary to help them [Belgium], to reinforce them in terms of equipment and resources, Rodier says. Hermes Handbags

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