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Replica Designer Handbags Ten schools in China have new “intelligent uniforms” that will track students’ whereabouts with embedded computer chips.The uniforms, which are equipped best site with GPS devices developed by a local tech firm, are meant to ensure that students don skip class. Alarms are replica bags for sale set to go off if a student walks out of the school building or falls asleep during a lesson.According to state run media, although the school administrators and parents have replica bags canada access to the location data, Principal of Renhuai Lin Zongwu said that choose not to check the accurate location of students after school. Also noted that attendance rates have risen dramatically since the uniform introduction.The company project manager told the state run Global Times that the two chips embedded in the uniforms can be washed up to 500 times and can withstand temperatures up to replica bags supplier 300 degrees Fahrenheit.According to the ABC, the company posted a public statement saying the uniforms on safety issues and provide a management method that benefits students, teachers and parents.The chips can also reportedly be used as a cashless payment system for snacks bought on school grounds, although parents and the school would see everything a student buys.In addition, if students try to swap uniforms in order to leave the campus, the system is designed to prevent that: Facial recognition scanners at school gates match the chips with the correct student, reports the Telegraph.The technology, which is being used in China southwest province of Guizhou, has apparently sparked debate on China social media platforms.think it alright, wrote Yi Zhi Sirius on China micro blogging site, Weibo, according to the Telegraph. Replica Designer Handbags

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