The council says the signs are part of a project to open up one

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Hermes Replica Bags New road markings branded ‘idiotic’ and ‘confusing’ by cyclistsCyclists and motorists are not happy with the new markingsThe markings, which have been placed on junctions of Mill Road, Sedgwick Street and Thoday Street, tell cyclists to go in the opposite direction to cars.One marking has been placed directly opposite markings signalling vehicles to turn right.The council says the signs are part of a project to open up one way streets to two way cycling but the idea sparked a backlash on social media.(Image: Chris Smith)Chris Smith, a regular on the road, said: “It’s just a bit confusing. The whole lot appeared last week, so I don’t know what the point of them is, or what replica hermes kelly bag they’re trying to do.”I cycle to Cambridge station from Brampton Road several days a week, so regularly use the Sedgwick Street entrance onto Mill Road. It’s not hard to find one of the one way streets that goes the way you want to go, actually a lot easier for cyclists replica hermes belt than cars, but if course it’s always easier to roll over and legalise law breaking than to enforce the law.”Temperatures to soar for May bank holiday in BedfordshireMr Smith also said: “If you’re pulling out to turn right and the cyclist is inside looking to turn left, as you turn you’re giving them a right hook.””Bike[s] waiting at ‘no entry’ on Sedgwick Street have to point at signs for drivers about to turn in what happens when these road markings erode and just an arrow?”Dara Morefield also said: “It’s not the markings which are idiotic, but the whole concept! This will encourage ‘contraflow’ pavement cycling as street just not wide enough.”The shocking cost of insurance for people living in Cambridge’s most dangerous roadsMill Road is a well known accident black spot, and caused the fourth highest amount of serious injuries on a Cambridge road in 2016.When asked what should be done to curb the amount of accidents, and make it safer for cyclists, Mr Smith said: “It’s keeping it simple and not making it confusing for people Hermes Replica Bags.