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Replica Handbags Nissan Sunderland isn’t shutting and other factors are also behind the Japanese French firm’s X Trail bombshellGet the biggest politics stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThis isn’t Project Fear, the moronic response from fanatical Brextremist demagogues terrified of grim truths and realities. This is Project Brexit Reality.Serial liar Boris Johnson and his ideological co conspirators don’t know better than car company bosses.Nissan is Brexit economist Patrick Minford’s 2016 referendum prediction, that leaving would replica bags and watches “mostly eliminate manufacturing”, picking up speed.Minford, one of the few economists to think Brexit is a good idea, views other people’s jobs as a price worth paying for his fantasy obsession.Nissan blasts Brexit replica kipling bags uncertainty and confirms Sunderland X Trail plan axedNissan isn’t shutting in Sunderland, and there are also other factors behind the Japanese French firm’s X Trail bombshell.But a company which in 1986 saw North East England as the gateway to Europe isn’t alone in viewing the dishonest, small minded nationalism of the Nigel Farages and Jacob Rees Moggs as bad for business.For Sunderland Labour MPs Julie Elliott and Bridget Phillipson to bravely preach the value of remaining is replica bags wholesale inspiring in a city that voted Brexit three years ago.The pair are being proved right and their principled stance shames more prominent politicians.Remainer Theresa May inflicting national self harm to survive personally is an historic abandonment of Britain’s long term interests.Ingrained Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn’s collaboration is costing Labour votes, and will ultimately damage a compromised party when the Brexit elite’s betrayal of the country’s working class is painfully inflicted.Slogans about sovereignty and taking back control won’t fill stomachs.Many folk have every right to be angry about breadline wages, poor job prospects, inadequate housing, declining public services and a feeling of powerlessness.Labour should be championing the downtrodden with a vision of a fairer world, highlighting the lies of Johnson’s brigands when research today details how the numbing Tory austerity he endorsed replica bags chicago swung Brexit.Airbus, P billionaire James Dyson fleeing the Brexit Britain he’s creating none changed the debate.Nissan is a wake up call. With less than eight weeks to go, it isn’t too late to avoid crashing out of Europe Replica Handbags.