I thought the build your own Satu’li bowl of salmon and quinoa

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canada goose uk black friday Disney’s march to better eats continues, and the food in Pandora is as good as I’ve had in any Disney park except for some of the around the cheap canada goose bomber world options at Epcot. And, like Epcot, Pandora has its alcohol license, thanks be to Eywa! (That’s the Na’vi goddess; you can look it up in one of the online dictionaries dedicated the Polynesian inflected Na’vi lingo that is scattered around the park.) The Pongu Pongu drink stand and the Satu’li Canteen feature a couple of custom ales ($9.50 for 22 ounces) and a Banshee Pinot ($9). I thought the build your own Satu’li bowl of salmon and quinoa and sweet potatoes was exceptional for $12.99. canada goose uk black friday

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