For most people, norovirus lasts a couple of days

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canada goose uk black friday Public Health England have said cases are beginning to increase but advised those affected not to visit their GP or hospital to avoid spreading the infection.A spokeswoman said that not all cases were reported as the infection passes quickly and many follow the advice to stay at home, but she warned ‘numbers were starting to increase’.Across hospitals in the north west there were 55 confirmed cases between canada goose bodywarmer uk December 17 and December 30.Hospitals impacted include the Royal Bolton, where eight wards were closed last week due to an outbreak.It’s understood restrictions remain on two wards D3 and D4. Those suffering from the virus, which is said to be ‘spreading in the Bolton community’, are urged not visit loved ones in hospital.For most people, norovirus lasts a couple of days. Symptoms include a sudden onset of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. canada goose uk black friday

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