You will find hiking opportunities aplenty in Israel

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canada goose factory sale Welcome to IsraelIsrael is undoubtedly one of the most spiritual places on the planet, but dig a little deeper and you’ll also find a destination that’s bursting with opportunities for adventure, beach holidays and city breaks.And while visiting landmarks like the Wailing Wall, the fortress of Masada and the Sea of Galilee is a must, it’s the country’s mysteries that hold real appeal. Did you know you could visit Jerusalem canada goose outlet uk fake and walk through ancient underground tunnels; that Tel Aviv has an energetic nightlife; or that you can float in the eerily still Dead Sea? This is perhaps one of the most enlightening and surprising destinations you are ever likely to explore.You will find hiking opportunities aplenty in Israel mountainous Golan Heights region, not to mention fantastic skiing in the wintertimeWhere to goThose visiting Israel for an insight into its most sacred sites should begin in Jerusalem, as well as Nazareth believed by Christians to be the place where Jesus lived and grew up. Thanks to the compact size of the country, the two holy cities are less than two hours apart.You will find hiking opportunities aplenty in the mountainous Golan Heights region, not to mention fantastic skiing in the wintertime. canada goose factory sale

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