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They’re doubly deceptive because Cum Town, like a number of successful podcasts including Chapo Trap House, already employs a highly profitable business canada goose black friday toronto model through Patreon. Subscribers can pay $5 per month for extra weekly “premium” episodes. Under this model, a few thousand paying listeners can provide a hefty reward and (theoretically) keep your pod ad free..

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canada goose coats Ray and I concluded our discussion with focusing on artificial intelligence as a technology accelerator in business by speaking to a data to decision analyst expert, Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, focusing on data driven decision making. Canada Goose online Henschen’s Data to Decisions research examines how organizations employ data analysis to reimagine their business models and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Henschen also identified industries that are early adopters of smart capabilities for discovery, prediction, recommendation and automation for mass personalization at scale canada goose coats.