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Hermes Handbags On a whim, I bought a road bike and within a few months I was racing. I didn win right away, but when I take on a new activity, I study it incessantly. Soon I was winning local races, then regional races, then my first state championship.. Here, Ms Callender explains the rules surrounding a notice of intended prosecution and what happens if one is delivered too late to a vehicle’s registered keeper.What are the rules surrounding the notification of a fine? When you receive a speeding fine, the first notification you will receive is called a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) which is where you need to inform the police who was driving at the time under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1998.This notice should be sent to the registered keeper within 14 days of when the speeding offence took place.If you don’t send the police the driver’s details within the time they state, then you can face up to six penalty points and a fine which is usually After this you will be sent notification of whether they will be offering you points and a fine a speed awareness course or if it will progress to a court summons.Can I have a fine dismissed hermes birkin bag replica cheap if it was delivered ‘late’?Under the Road Traffic Act 1998, the NIP has to be sent to the registered best quality hermes birkin replica keeper within 14 days of the speeding offence.If when you receive the NIP it is dated more than 14 days after the offence took place, then you should send it back to the process office and reject it as it is out of time.If you are not hermes birkin 55cm replica the registered keeper of the car and you receive the NIP past 14 days, you have to check to see if they sent it to the registered keeper within the time period. If it has been, then it won’t be classed as late.If you fail to receive a NIP and only receive a court summons, then you can have a defence to the speeding offence and any subsequent prosecution that takes place.How do I challenge a speeding fine? It is very difficult to challenge a speeding fine as there are practically no defences to why a person was driving over the speed limit, even if you believe it’s not fair. The date, time, location of the speeding offence.However, spelling mistakes or minor mistakes like the colour of a vehicle etc Hermes Handbags.