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canadian goose jacket The duck egg was described as: “gooey,” “creamy,” “really good,” “like a chicken egg on steroids.” The goose egg: “weird,” “dense yolk,” “bland,” “funky,” “sticky yolk.” The quail egg: “tangy,” canada goose outlet “earthy,” “briny,” “dense,” “sandy,” “delicate and grassy.” And good old chicken: “ordinary,” “like my mom makes,” “earthy.” On average, my colleagues and I guessed correctly 48 percent of the time. Guess it’s not that easy to canada goose black friday new york tell canada goose outlet black friday the difference between all these birds. The egg with the highest number of correct guesses? Not so surprisingly, chicken, with 58 percent.. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose online I’m not sure what you call them. (Wood bees?) As long as there is wood for them to get into, they will keep coming back. He will buzz madly for about 3 days before he dies in there! It’s almost funny, but he will die since he can’t turn around to get himself back out! I finally replaced my wood awning over my back porch with a metal one, so I’m sorry if I can’t help any more than this. Canada Goose online

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