Bag and possession limit ma; include only one canvasback

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canada goose coats on sale The states may select concur rent open seasons on ducks and coots of 50 consecutive days with a bag and posession limit of four and eight for ducks and four and eight for coots, or 60 consecutive days with a bag and possession limit of three and six for each. Split Seasons Or, they may select a split sea son in either option, of unequal length if desired, with a 10 per cent penalty in the number of shooting days. Bag and possession limit ma; include only one canvasback, or The daily bag and possession imit on geese shall be five, with Ihese provisos: In all states the bag and possession limit in no went may include more than (A) one white fronted goose, or (B) two Canada geese or its sub species, or (C) one Canada goose and one white fronted goose. canada goose coats on sale

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